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Dialysis Technician CMS Clarification

The Federal requirement for patient care dialysis technicians to be certified has a timeline of 18 months from date of hire (or until 4/15/10 for PCT working in dialysis effective 10/14/2008). The Ohio regulation allowing extensions under permit for longer than 18 months would be less stringent than the Federal requirement, if those extensions allow greater than 18 months to achieve certification. The more stringent requirement would apply.

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IMPORTANT - Dialysis Technician Certification Update

The Dialysis Testing Organization BONENT has informed the Board that applicants are not submitting the Board’s Form C when registering to take the BONENT examination. Applicants must submit Form C when registering with BONENT. If an applicant does not submit Form C when registering with BONENT, the registration process will be considered incomplete and the applicant will not be authorized to test.

If you have any questions please email dialysis@nursing.ohio.gov.


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Dialysis Tasks/Activities Prior to Certification as a DTI

Dialysis Technician Certificate Forms and Applications

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Dialysis Technician Testing and Training Programs

Adobe Acrobat FileApproved Dialysis Technician Training Programs

Adobe Acrobat FileDialysis Technician Testing Organizations

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